Bit-tacular: a new gaming app from Baker Hughes

If you have a smart phone or tablet, chances are you’ve fallen prey to at least one of the fad gaming apps. Your drug of choice could range anywhere from Angry Birds to Candy Crush.  But the time comes for all of us when that game that was once our go-to just doesn’t satisfy like it used to. Baker Huges launched a new gaming app called Bit-tacular that is similar to these games but with a fun oil and gas themed twist. Bit-tacular, like Candy Crush or Bejewled is a “match three,” game. Each level offers a different objective or challenge. Sometimes it’s a certain score in a fixed number of moves or a goal score in a certain time period. Even though it’s fairly similar to other “match three,” games on the market, Bit-tacular has a clear drilling theme going on.

Bit-tacular Quirks

When you make a match with a “special” piece on the screen, and a drill comes through and wipes away a whole row of rocks. As you move up the ranks you unlock different types of drills and tools. If you make a move that results in a multiple drills and a high number of points you’re move can get proclaimed “Bit-tacular.” As you advance through the ranks you can unlock different Baker Hughes technology or industry history. Not to mention the home screen of the game is a landscape with different oil industry locations. You start at a farm then you move past different types of rigs, office buildings and billboards with oil industry facts

Baker Hughes has also developed another bit-related app that is more targeted to industry workers. The complement to Bit-tacular is BitGenie, an app that contains a database of all research and testing information about Baker Hughes drill bits. The app is targeted to Baker Hughes customers who are looking for an easy way to compare and select different types of bits. BitGenie is set to launch later this year and will be marketed as a tablet-based application. Both apps are examples of new and inventive ways companies are expanding their reach to both customers and non-customers.Currently, Bit-tacular is only available for apple products in The App Store and on iTunes. There is clear entertainment factor with Bit-tacular, but it’s interesting to see a company integrating industry technology into a fun pastime.

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  1. Hmm Ok! So i got through level 1. Umm the characters (rocks) look as grumpy as some of my bosses at BH. Shhh don’t tell them I am playing the game on my phone during work hours! ;). Oh and also the reaction time is a BIT…no pun intended SLOW! Speed it up!!

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