What is #AskCabot?

#AskCabot is a way for the public, landowners, activists, information-seekers and community leaders to communicate in an open and transparent way with Cabot. It is a partner to the Ask Cabot page on our home page where anyone can email us a question and expect a prompt answer. #AskCabot is a sister program aimed at making real-time contact with our audience.

How does #AskCabot work?

The #AskCabot sessions will take place every Thursday on Twitter. To participate, simply log into Twitter (or create an account), ask us a question and be sure to type in “#AskCabot” somewhere in your tweet. Once you send the tweet, we can track all submissions and will respond with the answers to as many as possible.

I can ask you ANYTHING?

Yep. Nothing is off-limits as long as it falls within the guidelines listed below. We encourage open learning and want to help individuals grasp concepts. No abuse towards the company, our employees or towards any individuals participating in #AskCabot will be tolerated.

What if you don’t tweet an answer back?

We will try to answer as many questions as possible throughout the day. If several questions are asked about the same topic we will choose one and answer it, so be sure to check our timeline for an answer. If you tweeted a question that was not answered in our tweets by Saturday morning, please visit our Ask Cabot page and submit your question there.


  1. Do not use profanity, offensive or threatening language when tweeting for the contest. We will treat each participant with respect and only ask that you do the same.
  2. Any abusive language targeted at Cabot, its employees, landowners or friends will not be tolerated. At a minimum, violators will be blocked.
  3. Spamming of any kind results in immediate blocking of the Twitter handle along with being reported for spam.
  4. To be considered for #AskCabot, questions must be tweeted between the hours of 12:01 am and 11:59 pm on Thursday.
  5. Only one tweet per Twitter handle will be eligible for an answer each week of #AskCabot, so make your questions count!

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