One Year Anniversary of EMHS Groundbreaking



On Friday, January 25, 2013 Endless Mountains Health Systems, its staff and its supporters celebrated a milestone: the one year anniversary of beginning construction on the new hospital complex in Montrose. That morning, members of the community gathered inside of the newly created structure for a brief program. This event was significant as it was one year ago to the day that we went from dirt shovels outside in a field to a building with a roof and the makings of a state-of-the-art health care facility. We wanted to recognize the community and its contributors for coming together to aide in its progress and we wanted to highlight the long term benefit of the new hospital and the clinic.

The event allowed for individuals who helped with fundraising for the project to tour of the facility. They were able to see what their hard work and generosity has created for the community; to walk through the building; to see it take shape – from the entrance way to the clinic to the hospital – as all of the pieces are coming together.

Above all, we wanted to celebrate and recognize just how far this project has advanced in the past year.

From a Cabot vantage point, we are often asked why we have chosen to invest in the hospital.

And the reason is, Cabot believes whole-heartedly in contributing to growing and maintaining strong communities. With that said, you can’t have a strong community without jobs, quality education and quality health care. With our industry being in the area, we are bringing jobs and we are seeing people and organizations grow. We are investing in education – whether through scholarships or creating educational programs specific to the needs of the community.

With the hospital campaign, we are likewise able to invest in a  hospital that touches so many lives across the community. High-quality health care and the best doctors available are critical to the overall health of the region.

It is important to fully appreciate what this new hospital will mean not just for employees but for its patients  and for future generations living in the area. This hospital is a monumental step forward in health care in the Endless Mountains region and will continue to unlock new possibilities in the future.

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Brittany Ramos

Brittany was born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and attended Pennsylvania State University where she earned degrees in Public Relations and Psychology. She recently earned her Masters in Sociology from Sam Houston State University. Brittany works in the External Affairs for Cabot where she manages communications and outreach projects to community members, elected officials, media and online supporters.

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