My Experience as an Intern: Completions Department

Guest post contributed by Vincent Tarquinio: Completions Intern, Cabot Oil & Gas Corporation

I had a pleasure working for Cabot Oil & Gas as a Completions Intern in Pittsburgh, PA.  My experience working here opened my eyes to the opportunities that lie ahead for me and other young professionals pursuing a career in the oil and gas industry.

What I’ve learned over the course of my internship from an engineering perspective is invaluable. I’ve felt more challenged and involved as an intern here than I could have hoped for in my position.  Right away I was a part of daily drilling meetings and other discussions concerning live fracture jobs.  I had full access to well data and reports to create a project that tracked Cabot’s job efficiency for 2013. I’ve really enjoyed the trust Cabot has put into me.  Whether it was contacting vendors to potentially sign a license to new software, or updating dates on our schedule for pipeline to move in on a certain pad, Cabot has always given me the opportunity to show my ability to work in different situations.  I have sharpened my skills in several areas by doing different tasks every day and learned far more than I expected about the oil and gas industry than I could have imagined.

The best part about my summer working at Cabot had to be being part of the entire Cabot “family”.  As corny as it sounds my experience at Cabot wouldn’t have been nearly as great if it wasn’t for the people.  The engineering group I worked with is one of the most impressive I’ve ever met.  Their focus and enthusiasm in the way they operate is second to none.  They have really set the bar high for me regarding the way I approach the quality of my work and how I should carry myself professionally.

August 16 was my last day at Cabot and now I’m in my last year at Penn State to finish up my Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering degree.  I am looking forward to using what I’ve learned at Cabot in my upcoming classes and future industry opportunities.  Based on my experience this summer, I would highly recommend Cabot to any passionate and hardworking person looking to work for an operator.

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Sarah was born in Lewistown, Pennsylvania- a small town in central PA. She is currently attending Pennsylvania State University majoring in Public Relations and minoring in Recreation, Park and Tourism Management. She is presently working as an Intern in External Affairs for Cabot Oil & Gas Corporation. Sarah’s responsibilities include writing for Cabot’s social media, scheduling content and event planning.

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