Fall Sporting Clay Tournament to Benefit St. Joseph’s Center

Cabot Announces Fall Sporting Clay Tournament to Benefit St. Joseph's Center

You have heard about Cabot’s sporting clay tournaments. You may have even been to one before. But this year’s fall classic is going to be off the charts – like our natural gas production in Susquehanna County.

All kidding aside Cabot is proud to announce this year’s Fall Classic will benefit the amazing St. Joseph’s Center in Scranton, Pennsylvania.

St. Joseph’s Center is sign of hope to individuals and families who have special needs. As multifaceted service, St. Joseph provides for individuals diagnosed with Intellectual disability or a developmental delay, pregnant women, young families, couples hoping to adopt, and people who require outpatient therapy. A sponsored mission of the Congregation of Sisters, Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, St. Joseph’s center has been serving the region since 1888.

So what’s new and exciting about this year’s Fall Classic? A lot, so pay attention to the details.

The event will be held at Hidden Hollow Sporting Clays in Friendsville on Friday, October 4, 2013 . Register Now

The format will be as follows, teams of five (5) shooters will navigate:

  • A sporting clay course consisting of 16 stations (to accommodate different skill levels, two courses, 8 stations each, will be set up on the day of the shoot with one significantly more difficult).
  • A round of Five Stand
  • A challenging flurry – a unique experience that will test your abilities to shoot and reload as fast as you can.

Definition of Flurry: a type of game where 5 people are bombarded with 125 pigeons, thrown randomly, nonstop, over three minutes. Participants must shoot targets and reload guns as fast as possible. Judges on each side of the participants will tally official scores.  Flurry will undoubtedly challenge the best shooters and put teams to the test.

Score for tournament will be out of a max score of 500. Here is a scoring breakdown: Sporting clay course (250); Five stand (125); Flurry (125).

Individual Sporting Clays games will be available throughout the tournament. Prizes will be awarded to the best (or luckiest) participants. These games will include:

Mad Jack : (Cost $25): This game will test your consistency and accuracy. Participants will attempt to hit a target with one shot. After each confirmed hit, the shooter will move to the next skeet station. Think around the world in basketball.The objective of Mad Jack is to see how many rotations a shooter can make. If a shooter misses he must remain at that skeet station until he hits a target; the catch, each shooter only gets 25 rounds. To this day Hidden Hollow hasn’t had a perfect score, will you be the one?

Long Bird (Cost $15): Pretty straight forward, literally. A single clay pigeon is launched from 30 yards away, a tough shot to begin with. Each participant will get 5 attempts, one shot per target. In th event of a tie, best scores will be invited back at the end of the day for a sudden death competition. Best of luck to you, trust us, you’re going to need it.

FlurryIndividual (Cost $20): Pretty simple concept: lots of birds thrown at you over a short time, hit as many as you can.

Five standIndividual (Cost $20): Participants rotate between five separate stands, trying to hit alternating targets. Score is based out of 25 pigeons.

(FAQ) Individual games have no limit of participation, that is, you keep paying to go back. Remember all the proceeds go to charity.

(FAQ) Price includes cost to run traps, clay pigeons and ammunition for each event. If you want to use your own ammunition, that’s fine. But you still have to pay the participation price.

Unlike past events, this year’s event will be more relaxed. The timeline is as follows:

8 a.m. Opening Remarks & Tournament officially begins – There are NO assigned flights during this tournament. Shooters must finish the required portions of the tournament – sporting clay course, five stand and flurry – by 1pm.

12 p.m. Lunch will be available

1 p.m. Tournament officially closes indivigual games will remain open

2 p.m. Winners announced

3 p.m. – 5 p.m. Course and games will stay open if you still want to shoot.

Please note: Individual games will be available all day long starting at 8am. These include the long bird competition and Mad Jack. If a team isn’t waiting to shoot five-stand or flurry, these games will open up for individual participation.

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