Department Feature: Facilities

Today, we want to highlight all of our hard workers in the Facilities Department here at Cabot Oil & Gas Corporation. We’ve highlighted their duties as individuals in past “Meet the Cabot Crew” features, but today Craig Almquist, facilities engineer, and Jim Novacek, facilities engineering manager, will weigh in on their jobs, their dreams and what makes Cabot a great place to work.

Q: What is your favorite duty within your job description?

Craig: Asking questions is the best part; In order to make a decision regarding which way to go on a project or what piece of equipment to buy or lease, you have to find out the pros and cons of the various options.

Jim:  I enjoy designing more efficient and safe facility installations.

Q: What is the most difficult or tedious job within the Facilities Department?  

Craig: Notifying a vendor that he didn’t win the bid and making sure that we are not overcharged for a service or product are tedious tasks. Both are important and need to be done with care.

Jim: Our department is the liaison between Cabot’s drilling/completions/production groups and Williams, Cabot’s midstream service provider.  Trying to coordinate the ever-changing dynamics of both parties to meet our common goals and objectives is very challenging, yet exciting.

Q: Why did you decide to pursue Facilities as a career? 

Craig: Petroleum Engineering jobs were non-existent in 1986. The price of oil had collapsed from $50 per barrel down to $12 per barrel. Gas utility companies still needed people, though, and petroleum engineering provided an excellent framework for being able to do a superior job in natural gas facilities.

Jim: My degrees are in Chemical Engineering and natural gas facilities are a good fit for that discipline.

Q: If you didn’t LOVE working for Cabot, what would you be?

Craig: I’d love to be a tenor in a barbershop quartet.

Jim: I’d probably be a university professor.

Q: What is one thing that you wish people knew about your job? 

Craig: It’s like any other job – the most important parts are one’s attitude and treating others with respect.

Jim: Although the W.Va., properties have taken a back seat to our Marcellus operation currently, the Facilities Department still has a high level of involvement in that area because we own and operate the midstream system.

Q: If you had to work in any other position at Cabot for a day, whose or what would it be and why? 

Craig:  It would have to be George Stark’s – working with the public and being the face of Cabot – but one day of it each month would be quite sufficient.

Jim: The facilities department at times also works closely with the marketing department so I would like to learn more about that area.

Q: What is your favorite part about working for Cabot?  

Craig: Payday and every other Friday. I enjoy my job, but home is where my heart is.

Jim: Cabot manages a lean and efficient workforce so they expect a lot out of their employees.  This makes for a very challenging work environment but Cabot is very committed to rewarding employees who excel in that environment.  I also enjoy working with other very high quality employees.

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Bill desRosiers

Raised in Highland Falls, New York, William desRosiers learned about responsible resource development, firsthand, as a part of his family's mining business. William received his B.S. in Management, History and MBA from Misericordia University. He currently serves in External Affairs for Cabot Oil & Gas Corporation. His primary responsibilities include strengthening media relationships, managing company-run fundraising programs, building better community relations and representing Cabot every chance he has.

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