Drilling Down: How Does Hydraulic Fracturing Actually Work?

Yesterday’s Video Tuesday post showed the construction of a wellpad site from start to finish. If you remember, the video featured a brief bit about hydraulic fracturing. Because we rely heavily on this process, we want to give you a more thorough explanation of how fracturing works.

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Video Tuesday: Wellpad Site Progression

Welcome to Video Tuesdays, a space on our blog to reflect on videos that have documented the success of Cabot Oil & Gas Corporation over the past few years and celebrate the advances we’re making in both the oil and gas industry as well as the community that we serve.

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An Intern’s Journey Through Cabot Oil & Gas

If you’re just tuning in to the Cabot Oil & Gas Corporation blog, Well Said, you join us at a great time. All summer, I’ll be posting about the ins and outs of the oil and gas industry and Cabot’s hand in the growing field. Join me, Samantha Scribner, a senior public relations major at Waynesburg University, this summer as I blog about what I’m learning at Cabot Oil & Gas Corporation.

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