Meet the Cabot Crew: John S. Edmonds

Today we would like you to meet John Edmonds, a Financial Analyst for the North Region of Cabot Oil & Gas. John has worked at Cabot for 11 years and five months, but who’s counting? As a Financial Analyst, he takes care of the North Region’s incomes and expenditures and advises all departments about spending management and accounting needs.

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#FF Feature: @CHKmarcellus

Our #FF this week is @CHKmarcellus, the voice of Chesapeake Energy Marcellus Shale. Chesapeake Energy (@Chesapeake) is one of the largest producers of natural gas in the nation.

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Exciting News at Cabot Oil & Gas

If you think about what defines Cabot Oil & Gas Corporation in Susquehanna, Pennsylvania, you probably think about the amount of gas we produce on a daily basis. Certainly, this is an important quality to those who need energy and want to be energy independent, but what about something bigger for the county?  Cabot also makes strides everyday toward economic development and community sustainability.

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