Let’s Talk About Biosecurity & Energy

Let’s talk about biosecurity & energy

The following is a guest post from Chris Herr, the Executive Vice President of PennAg Industries Association. Penn Ag is " a full-time, full-service membership association representing Pennsylvania agribusinesses of all sizes and types that support and serve the entire food chain." You can learn more about PennAg on their Facebook page. - - - - - Making the Intersection Between Energy and Agriculture More Secure Biosecurity is a topic that most people are not familiar with. They have no idea how important it is to their daily lives. The definition of biosecurity is the prevention of disease from spreading to…

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Investing In Human Infrastructure

Investing in human infrastructure

Over the years we have discussed the need for infrastructure to position the Commonwealth for the future at length here on Well Said. Without it, the true power of the Marcellus and Utica shale production will be stunted and the potential billions of dollars of investments which could be spent right here on top of the billions already invested. Why? Because the cost of energy is a huge factor when it comes to manufacturing (and the rest of our economy). Think about the necessity of a steady supply of feedstock from natural gas liquids (NGLs) to facilities like Shell's ethane cracker and…

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IHS Markit Study: Pennsylvania Has Immense Potential Thanks To Shale

IHS Markit study: Pennsylvania has immense potential thanks to shale

The following is a blog by the Marcellus Shale Coalition regarding a recent report by IHS Markit regarding prospects for  the petrochemical and manufacturing industries in Pennsylvania. - - - - - - Pa.’s Manufacturing Opportunities Bright Thanks to Shale March 24, 2017 With the right policies, according to a new report by IHS Markit, the Commonwealth has the opportunity to realize a new wave of job-creating petrochemical manufacturing growth. In fact, the report released this week concludes that Pa. natural gas liquids production could attract four more ethane crackers in addition to Shell’s project in Beaver County and up to…

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